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Willow and Sycamore


Welcome to Term 6

This term we have set out things a bit differently. On this page we will provide  a rough weekly timetable with a Maths and English session each day.


We also have a mindfulness and transition page from which you can choose an activity for after your p.e. session. This might be used to simply bring your HR down or to start thinking about your transition into Year 5 or Year 6!


Finally, an afternoon activities page has been added so you can choose what interests you and your child most for the afternoon sessions. There will be a huge selection so please don't feel you have to do them all.

4 Operations

If anything that is planned is too tricky or your child does not understand, please follow this guidance and complete questions on each. 

If you would like further information:  


Addition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lnckuMIpX9A

Year 4 - 4 digit numbers (e.g. 3,632) and using the inverse to check.

Year 5 - more than 4 digits.

Subtraction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qi1XCu3TY1M

Year 4 - 4 digit numbers (e.g. 3,632) and using the inverse to check.

Year 5 - more than 4 digits.

Multiplication: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKzjB7zgXLY

Year 4 - multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number (e.g. 23 x 5 or 165 x 3).

Year 5 - multiply numbers up to 4 digits by a 1 or 2 digit number (e.g. 4274 x 5, 32 x 51 or 6742 x 25)

Division: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8MSom4YoWw

Year 5 - divide numbers up to 4 digits by a 1 digit number (e.g. 4225 / 3)


Daily Timetable...

Week of...

Monday 13.7.20 - Tuesday 21.07.20

Please find all English planning followed by all Maths.


On Friday you planned your report and how you would like to set it out, today you are going to publish it!

Task 1: To write and publish you goblin report!

Are you going to make a book?

Write it on Purple Mash?

Create a poster with pop ups?

Write the report and draw diagrams?

The choice is yours! I can't wait to see it!

***Check out last weeks planning at the bottom of the page to remind you! ***


Today is your day to get arty and tell people how you did it!

Task 1: Choose the type of goblin monster you would like to make. 

Task 2: Make your goblin monster

Task 3: Write a 'How To Make a ...... Goblin Monster' set of instructions to go with it!


Today and tomorrow you are going to be helping Garvan III, the famous goblin catcher! Garvan is very old now and has announced his retirement as he no longer wants to travel the world catching and trapping goblins. As such, they need to put out an advert in the local paper: ‘The Goblin Gazette’ advertising for a new goblin catcher.

Today you will read last week’s advert which was for a Troll Trapper and get some ideas and plan your advert. Tomorrow you will be writing your advert for the job of Goblin Catcher!

Task 1: Read and/or listen to last weeks Troll Trapper advert.


Task 2: Read the advert again. Circle any words, phrases or sentences that make you really want to do the job. What is it about them that is persuasive?

Task 3: Choose two of your favourite sentences and have a go at rewriting them using your own ideas. An example is done for you:

Task 4: Think of 3 or 4 things you think someone would need to do or need to be to make a super Goblin Catcher!

This is ready for you to write your Goblin Catcher Job Advert tomorrow!


Today you are writing your Goblin Catcher Job advert!

Remember to include the type of character you need or things you will need to do!

Remember to include description - good use of adjectives, verbs, adverbs, exciting sentence starters etc!

Extension task: Interview a friend or family member! Do they make the cut??


I have joined these two lessons as you can choose the order!

Over the next 2 lessons you are going to be re-ordering some instructions, designing a Goblin Trap, making a Goblin Trap and then writing instructions how you use it!

You must do the re-ordering first.

Then you can choose whether you want to:

Plan and make the trap and then write instructions OR

Write instructions then plan and then make OR

Plan, write instructions and then make! 


Someone has muddled up these instructions. Put the instructions back in the right order and add in some time adverbials so that anyone reading the recipe knows which order they should be completed in. To help you, the introduction and conclusion are in the right place.

Task 1: Re-order the Goblin Grass Cake recipe!

You may get some language ideas or something for your trap too!

Answers will be below. 

 Goblin Grass Cake Recipe Answers.pdfDownload
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Planning and designing...

Here is a planning sheet which you may use to publish your trap and its instructions too, but you may use something else and/or make your own!

I have also attached some pictures. There pictures aren't goblin traps, they are leprechaun traps, but you might be able to gather some ideas from these too! (if you search this there are hundreds, I just chose my favourites!)

Making and writing...

Now you need to put your ideas to the test! You may not be successful the first time but hopefully you are!

Remember, you need to make a trap AND write instructions on how to use it!


IT'S YOUR LAST DAY! So let's have some fun!

Beware! Goblin Slime
Did you know that Dr Jo, from the School of Science, is an expert in goblin slime? She has written down some instructions in case you would like to make your own goblin slime. You must only ever make slime with a responsible adult supervising you.



Now watch this:


Here are the answers:

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Now watch this:


Here are the answers:

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 Challenge and Chance Cards.pdfDownload
 Mathopoly Certificate.pdfDownload
 Mathopoly Game Board 2xA4.pdfDownload
 Mathopoly Game Board A4.pdfDownload
 Mathopoly Score Board.pdfDownload
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Now watch this:


Here are the answers:

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Today and tomorrow I am setting some assessments so that you are aware of where your children are still stuck.


Year 4

Year 5



Here are today's assessments:


Year 4 Paper a

Year 4 Paper b

Year 5 Paper a

Year 5 paper b


Challenge Day!





Let's have some fun :-)

Week of...

Monday 6.07.20 - Friday.07.20 10

Please find all English planning followed by all Maths.


Today we are going to be looking at using different words from the Cloud Goblin text. Some words you may be more familiar than others but don't worry, the Goblins have helped you! They have given you a definition and an example, and now it is your turn to use them.

Task 1: Read each word, meaning and example in turn, then write a sentence using the word.

Extension Task: You can write more words and find their definitions if you are not sure!


Today and Monday you are going to be a reporter! 

Today is your planning day, Monday will be your publishing day. I want you to think about how you would like to publish your report for Monday also, so you can gather the materials if this is needed!

You can choose which goblin you would like to write your report on, one we have learned about or the goblin you designed yourself on Monday! Or you can make up a new one if you think you have better ideas :)

Task 1: Choose your goblin.

Task 2: Plan your report.

Task 3: Choose how you want to publish your report. 

Below I have attached planning sheets and report examples for you to look at. 



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It's Challenge Day!