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Transition & Mindfulness Resources

Transition (or change from one thing to another) can be tricky for all of us. On this page you will find resources to use to make transitions (moving from Year 5 to 6, Junior to Secondary or any year/class change) a little bit easier.

We also have some resources to promote mindfulness, good mental health and feeling better in ourselves. 

Don't forget to visit our Additional Needs page for more resources.

Transitions for all

One Page Profiles

You will have received a letter and it will ask you to make a One Page Profile. As we can't do our usual 'move-up' day, this is a great way for us to get to know you!


This website has LOADS of different page designs for you to choose! If you're unsure about any of the boxes, please message your teachers and they can help. Please send these to your teachers, either by e-mail or Dojo AND keep a paper copy if you can to give to your new teacher in September! 

 Transition all Lesson 1.pdfDownload
 Transition lesson 1 resources.docxDownload
 Transtition all Lesson 2.pdfDownload
 Transitions all Lesson 2 Moving-On-Worksheet.pdfDownload
 Transition all Lesson 2 Same _ Change Sheet.pdfDownload
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 Conversation Cards Set 2.pdfDownload
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Transitions for Primary to Secondary

 Transition 6 to 7 Lesson 3.pdfDownload
 Transition to Secondary Lesson 1.pdfDownload
 Transition to Secondary Lesson 2.pdfDownload
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 2020-Lockdown Review.pdfDownload
 Timelines of life.pdfDownload
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Mindfulness & Recovery Curriculum

 Session 1- Promoting Self-Belief.pdfDownload
 T6W2 Promoting Hope.pdfDownload
 T6W3 Promoting Gratitude.pdfDownload
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 Mindful Breathing Dot-To-Dot.pdfDownload
 Mindful Breathing with Teddy.pdfDownload
 Mindful Colouring.pdfDownload
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