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3/4 FOOTBALL FESTIVAL - Tuesday 8th October

The Year 3/4 Football Team (Cleo, Rosie L, May, Bertie, Luke, Felix, Jeremy, Kalum, Ollie(Oak), Lacey, Alicja, Sidney, Arlo, Ollie(Lime), Joseph, Travis L, Adam and Joey)gained a 7th place in the Cup Tournament and joint 3rd place in the Plate Tournament.  Well done to everyone in the team.

ATHLETICS FESTIVAL - Tuesday 1st October

Following on from last year’s GOLD award for our school sport, we have begun this year with some success in two festivals. The three Indoor Athletics Teams (Reece, Stanley, Bethany, Evie, Tayla, Fabian, Jake, Ashley P-M, Ethan W, Maya, Evie M, Jessie, Spencer, OscarF, Emmanuel, Bayleigh S, Georgia and Ashleigh D) achieved 1st, 2nd and 4th places with several individuals also gaining first places in their events.

TRI GOLF FESTIVAL - Wednesday 24th April

Two teams entered the  tri golf festival at Avon Valley college.  The children had to complete a number of tasks which meant they had to practice their chipping and putting skills.  One team won the golden ticket to take them to the level three finals.  They all had a fantastic day!

KURLING FESTIVAL- Friday 22nd March 2019

Three teams of two children went to the level three Kurling final at Dauntseys School on Friday 22nd March.  The teams each played 6 games.  Overall they came 2nd, 4th and 7th, they should be extremely proud of themselves. 

They also had the opportunity to meet Olympic Gold Medalist David Hemery! 

TAG RUGBY FESTIVAL - Wednesday 20th March 2019

We took two teams of year 5 and 6 children to the Avon Valley College Tag Rugby Festival.  Each team played several games and one team managed to get the golden ticket to take them into the level three finals.  Both teams played incredibly well and should be very proud of themselves.

GYMNASTICS FESTIVAL - Tuesday 5th March 

Three teams entered the gymnastics festival on the 5th March.  The children spent a lot of time practising their routines and it showed in their final performances.  The Red Team came 5th, the Blue Team came 2nd by 0.3 and the orange team came 1st.  Well done to Nathan and Zach for getting top boy.



All of Year 4 entered into the orienteering festival. They were split into 5 groups and had several activities that they had to participate in. They got to run around the AVC fields putting their map reading, maths, problem solving and team building. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day - as did all the adults!

HOCKEY FESTIVAL  - Wednesday 27th February 

We took one team of ten children to the Hockey Festival at Wellington Academy.  The children played five games, they drew two and won three games, which meant they made it to the final.  Unfortunately they lost to the golden goal in extra time.  The children played brilliantly and worked very well as a team.  They should be very proud!


NETBALL FESTIVAL - Tuesday 22nd January

Two teams entered the AVC Netball Festival this year.  The children have all been training hard at school on Friday afternoons. They  all played very well on what was a very cold evening.  The B Team came second in their pool and the A team won their pool.  This gave the A team the golden ticket to the level 3 finals.  Thank you to all the parents that came to support.  Congratulations and well done to all the children that took part.

BOCCIA FESTIVAL  - Friday 11th January 2019

Well done to our Boccia team who took part in the recent competition at Avon Valley College: Iysik, Scarlett, Maisie, Phoebe H, Kyran, Freddie, Michael, Ashleigh, Jake, Lilly G, Noah and Cameron M. We secured a first, second and third place in this Level 2 competition.

SWIMMING GALA - Friday 7th December 2019

Two teams entered the swimming gala at Durrington Swimming Pool this year.  The children had to take part in a variety of races including breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle races and a number of different relays.  Some children also had a go at butterfly.  The children worked really hard and managed to secure second place.  Well done!

NEW AGE KURLING FESTIVAL - Friday 30th November 2018

This year we entered three teams into the New Age Kurling Festival at AVC.  Each team played six games.  One team came second and the other teams won both of their pools qualifying them for the level 3 School Games Competition.  The children all played brilliantly.

YEAR 5/6 GIRLS FOOTBALL FESTIVAL  - Monday 26th November 2018

10 girls from years 5 and 6 entered the girls football festival at AVC.  The girls played 7 10 minute games.  They won 2 games, drew 2 and lost 3.  For some of the girls it was they first time they had played football and they all did very well.  The girls were awarded 5 points for each game, which meant that the came away with the Spirit of the Games Award, they should all be very proud.

YEAR 5/6 FOOTBALL FESTIVAL - Tuesday 13th November 2018

18 children from years 5 and 6 entered the football festival at AVC.  The children have been training on Friday afternoons to improve their skills.  The children were split into two teams Durrington A and Durrington B.  Durrington A played 8 10 minute games in total and came 3rd overall.  The B team played 7 10 minute games and came 7th overall.  The children all worked really hard in their teams and showed excellent sportsmanship.  The B team were also awarded the Spirit of the Games Fair Play Award, which they should be very proud of.  Thanks again to Disco Dion and Stuart Lindsay for helping to manage the teams.

YEAR 3/4 FOOTBALL FESTIVAL - Monday 15th October

This year we entered two teams of 10 children into the year 3/4 Football Festival at AVC.  Each team played 6 10 minute matches against different schools in the area.  The children showed excellent sportsmanship in all games and should be very proud of themselves.  The Blue team made it into the finals and lost to a penalty in extra time, it was so close!  A special thank you to Disco Dion and Stuart Lindsay for helping to manage the teams. 

YEAR 5/6 INDOOR ATHLETICS - Tuesday 2nd October

 18 children from Year 5 and 6 walked down to AVC after school and entered the Indoor Athletics Festival. They got to compete in 7 different activities as individuals: medicine ball throw, standing long jump, standing high jump, balance beam, speed bounce, bean bag throw and aim and javelin throw.  The children did exceedingly well and they cam away with a lot of 1st and 2nd place medals. They should all be very proud as every single child showed brilliant determination throughout. At the end of the festival, there was a relay race where we placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd - how super! A huge well done and congratulations to all of you, a great way to start our sporting year! 



Year 5/6 Quadkids - Monday 11th June

16 children from years five and six were entered into the Quadkids Festival at Avon Valley College.  Each student competed in the 75m, standing long jump, vortex throw and 600m.  Both team A and B worked really hard  in all events and the results were excellent, team A came 2nd overall and team B came 3rd.  Top boy went to Harry Higgins for his superb athletic skills and Owen Lindsay came 2nd.  Maci Sleeman came 2nd for top girl and Alisha Wright was 3rd.  A huge well done to all of you and thank you to the parents that came to support


All of Year 4 entered the Multi Skills Festival at Avon Valley College.  The children experienced a number of different activities and there was an element of competition throughout.  The children all worked really hard and showed great team spirit, well done.

RUGBY FESTIVAL - Wednesday 14th March

 20 children were entered into the local rugby festival. Children have been training hard on Friday afternoons to improve their rugby skills and understanding of the rules. The children were split into two teams Durrington A and Durrington B and both played 6 matches each. Each game was 14 minutes in total, 7 minutes each way and the children were outstanding! Their dedication to training was rewarded with finishing Durrington B second place and Durrington A first place! This means that Durrington A team have The Golden Ticket and will be in the next round of the competition in May! Well done children! 

Gymnastics Festival - Thursday 8th March

13 children went to represent the school in a gymnastics afternoon competition. The children has a chance to try new activities such as ribbon spinning, cheerleading and vaulting. They also competed in a gymnastic routine. The children have been working hard on Tuesday afternoons learning and perfecting their routines and they did brilliantly on the day! Durrington Beginner Group came 2nd place by 0.25 points and Durrington Advanced Group came 2nd by 0.2 points which are fantastic results! Another congratulations to Charlie and Zach who were awarded the highest marks for boys in bot their competitions! The children had a fantastic day and thank you so much to all the parents who came to show support!


Well done to Nadder House for winning the close-fought Tag Rugby Tournament.  Thanks to Miss Smith for organizing it.

ORIENTEERING FESTIVAL - Monday 19th February

Congratulations to the Year 4 Leaders - Michael, Ben, Lilly, Jessie, Jake, Lauren, Amelia, Reece, Chloe and Ella - who were all invited to take part in the recent Orienteering Festival at Avon Valley College.  They took part enthusiastically in the event on a cold and damp day and represented the school well.

SWIMMING GALA - Thursday 1st February

We took a group of pupils to Durrington Swimming Pool to take part in the swimming gala.  All the children Took part in a relay race and an individual race.  They all did very well and produced some amazing results.  They tried their best and swam some brilliant races.


All the scores were added up from all of our races and Durrington came 2nd missing first spot by only six points.  Well done and congratulations to all our swimmers.

KS2 KURLING FESTIVAL  - Monday 27th November 2017

We took six children to Avon Valley College to compete in a Kurling festival.  The children paired up and played against each other and several other schools.  They did really well and enjoyed the afternoon.  Oscar Patterson and Jacob Read came 5th, Jake Bailey and Ben Harvey came 3rd and Nathan Jewell and Ashton Fulford came 1st, which gave them the golden ticket to the finals tournament in the new year.

YEAR 5 AND 6 HIGH 5 NETBALL FESTIVAL  - Monday 20th November 2017

We took two teams to the netball festival at Avon Valley College.  Each team played five games and we rotated the players so that they managed to play in different positions.  The B team played some quality netball and came 6th overall and the A Team came joint 2nd missing a spot in the final by one point!  They should all be very proud with the way that they played. 

YEAR 5/6 GIRLS FOOTBALL FESTIVAL - Thursday 9th November 2017

Ten girls from year 5 and 6 took part in the football festival at Avon Valley College.  The girls played five games in total, they drew one, won three and only lost one game!  This put them in third place overall.  They all played very well and worked hard as a team.  The girls did themselves and the school very proud, well done.

YEAR 5/6 FOOTBALL FESTIVAL - Monday 6th October 2017

We took a year 5/6 team of boys to the football festival at Avon Valley college.  They played eight other schools, they drew the first game and won every other game, they should be very proud of themselves.  They have now qualified for the level 3 School Games Competition.  They all played very well and showed excellent team work.  A special thanks to Stuart Lindsay for managing the team.


Wednesday 11th October saw the first of six inter-house challenges this year.  Teams from Woodford, Avon, Nadder and Wylye competed in a street netball tournament, Wylye  House were the winners this time.  Well done to Lexy Long, who won the 'Most Inspirational Player' award.  This recognized the way she involved all of her team mates, including the younger or less confident ones, as well as her personal contribution to her teams success.  Thanks must go to Miss Smith who organised the event.