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Towards the bottom of this page there are a few activities that you may want to explore with your children during term 5. There are suggested for each of the classes but your children are welcome to 'have a go' at activities from other classes if they would like to. I have added the activities in case your child would like to develop their learning in RE over the coming weeks but please do not feel any pressure to complete them all!

Religious Education at our school asks about meaning and purpose. Space is given for the children to reflect on their beliefs and ideas. We enjoy exploring Christianity and Islam alongside the other principal religions and world views. Time and space is given for the children to discuss the big questions, share their thoughts and ideas and reflect on the nature of truth. The Religious Education classroom is always a lively, creative and safe place to be!

Children at our school enjoy exploring different faiths and beliefs through art, drama, dance and discussion. Here are some examples of the exciting and creative work our children have produced.

This term Chestnut and Hawthorn classes have really enjoyed exploring the story of Moses in a dramatic way. The children have hot seated Moses, created freeze-frames and brought their characters to life through diary entries. 


Oak and Lime classes

In term five Oak and Lime classes are learning about Sikhism. Can you find out which country Sikhism began in? 

Watch the short video below and create a poster explaining what the 5 k's are.


Watch the video clip about the langar (use the link below).


What is a langar? Can you draw a storyboard, cartoon or make a poster to teach others the story of Guru Nanak and the carpenter?

What is the message of the story?

Willow and Sycamore classes 

In term five the children will be learning about Sikhism.

Can you find out what the 5 k's are? Use the links below and create a PowerPoint, Word document, poster or information leaflet to explain what the 5 k's are. Think carefully about how you present your work. Try to include key facts, keywords and pictures. We will be sharing our work when we return to school!




Chestnut and Hawthorn classes 

In term five the children will be exploring the religion of Sikhism. Using the link below, create a PowerPoint, poster, leaflet or Word document showing what you have learnt about Sikhism. Include pictures, keywords and stories. We will be sharing these when we return to school! You can even test your knowledge with the quiz!


Assemblies to watch at home


Philip's latest Worship can be viewed on YouTube! Click the link below :

Worship Thursday 23rd April 2020

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