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Welcome to Oak Class 2018-2019

Miss Sanders and Mrs Foyle/Mrs Batty/Mrs Seagrave

Term 1

(September - October 2018) 

In term 1, Oak class did some fantastic narrative writing - where they learnt to retell the traditional story of Little Red Riding Hood with actions. They then adapted this to create their own stories. The children also explored the parts of a sentence and learnt the word groups: nouns, verbs and adjectives. Oak class also created some imaginative diary entries, with an Ancient Egyptian theme. 

During Numeracy lessons, Oak have been working on their place value knowledge of numbers up to 3 digits! They have then been using these numbers, in more formal methods - like column addition. The children are going to practise these skills in other contexts to secure their understanding. 

In Topic, Oak class have loved learning about Ancient Egyptians. We have created our own Egyptian Gods, spelt our names in hieroglyphics and learnt how to mummify oranges. 

The children have been practising their catching and throwing skills, in PE. They have also started to intercept, during small netball games. Alongside this, Oak have been working on their fitness and challenging themselves to beat their personal bests.

Term 2

(November - December 2018)

This term, Oak have engaged in weekly Music lessons. They have learnt to play brass instruments, which they used to put on a performance in front of teaching staff and parents.

In PE, Oak class have been doing gymnastics. Within this, the children have practised a series of balances and rolls of which they have put into a sequence to perform one another.  For our outdoor lessons, we have been learning the skills of hockey including: control of the ball and shooting. We also had our mini class tournament! 

Our class also developed their swimming skills, by attending weekly swimming lessons at the local sports centre. We each got a certificate to show off our efforts and record how far we can swim!

Term 3

(January - February 2019)

This term, we have been learning how to write instructions. The children instructed the staff on how to make a jam sandwich and soon learnt, how precise and clear you have to be! Using this knowledge, they then wrote their own instructions and made a fortune teller, based on these.

In Numeracy, Oak have been practising their times tables on the Times Tables Rockstars. Here, the children have a chance to earn virtual coins and buy rock star outfits/accessories. Some have even grown impressive mohawks!

This term has been a Geography topic. In Year 3, we've been expanding our knowledge of Volcanoes. We have learnt about the layers of the Earth, where volcanoes are found and how they are made. We even made our own volcanoes to explode!



Term 4

(February - April 2019)

In Term 4, we have been developing our Literacy skills through other text types. Oak class have constructed their own balanced arguments, which asks the question 'Are robots a good thing?'.They used the class Ipads, to conduct their own research and wrote paragraphs for each side of the argument. As a class, we decided robots are a good thing. Do you agree with us? 

During our Numeracy lessons, we have been facing up to our fears of fractions! The class have got to grips with what a fraction is, adding/subtracting fractions and comparing fractions. 

Our Science topic this term is Forces and Magnets. Oak have been scientists-in-the-making, whilst conducting practical investigations and making magnetic board games. 

We have learnt the skills and rules to Tag Rugby in PE outdoors and more balances in our indoor gymnastics lessons. 

Oak are looking forward to continuing their work on picture frames, in DT. We have made comparisons between different frames, identified our preferences and designed our own. Next term, we are making our own frames, as we engage in woodwork.