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Lime and Oak

Monday 13.7.20 to Tuesday 21.7.20

Please see below for a suggested daily timetable and more information about individual lessons.

Miss Hooper and Miss Sanders will both be teaching full-time classes in school this term. So we will not be able to respond on Dojo, as quickly as we have in previous weeks. However, we would still love to see your work posted - it's great to see what you are all doing!

For other activities, there is also a Transition & Mindfulness tab - here you will find work to help children move from one year group (or class) to another.


Take part in physical activity for 30mins. This could be Joe Wicks, Cosmic Kids, a daily mile, the June Challenge (on the afternoon page) or an exercise of your own choice!


Maths this week will be based on Week 12 of the White Rose Maths home learning.

If you are able to access internet, go to:  


Click on ‘Week 12’. There are daily videos to support this work.

This work covers from Monday to Thursday. On Friday, complete as many of the Arty Maths Challenges as you like!

Monday to Thursday Learning...

 Lesson 1 - Compare capacity.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 - Add and subtract capacity.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 - Pictograms.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 - Bar charts.pdfDownload
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Monday to Thursday Answers...

 Lesson 1 Answers - Compare capacity.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Answers - Add and subtract capacity.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Answers - Pictograms.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 Answers - Bar charts.pdfDownload
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Friday Learning...

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Make sure you keep up your mental maths skills too by practising your times tables (on Times Tables Rockstars or the Topmarks website) and basic addition and subtraction facts.

Maths alternative...

Instead of the Maths pack, you can practice your 4 operations each day. Miss Hooper has made some videos to help too in case you have forgotten!










English - Monday 

This week we will be learning with Dr Frizzle and he owns a spectacular shop. It is a shop full of curious creatures and magical mementoes. One of his favourites is Goblinology: The Ultimate Guide to Goblins. He says this is a really useful book as you never know when you are going to find a goblin but, when you do, you must know what to do with it!

Different types of goblins
Did you know that there are lots of different types of Goblins?

Task 1: Please read - let's meet 3 different types!

Task 2: Could you write in a few sentences which is your favourite Goblin and explain why?

Task 3: Now you have met 3 different types of Goblin, can you create your own?

You don't have to use this sheet but you must draw your goblin and write 4 different facts!

English - Tuesday

Today and tomorrow you are going to become a Goblin Reporter!

First, we are going to read a report on Cloud Goblins.

Task 1: Read and/or listen to 'Everything you need to know about a Cloud Goblin'


Today is your planning day, tomorrow will be your publishing day. I want you to think about how you would like to publish your report, also so you can gather the materials if this is needed!

You can choose which goblin you would like to write your report on, one we have learned about or the goblin you designed yourself yesterday! Or you can make up a new one if you think you have better ideas :)

Task 1: Choose your goblin.

Task 2: Plan your report.

Task 3: Choose how you want to publish your report. 

Below I have attached planning sheets and report examples for you to look at. 

English - Wednesday

 Yesterday you planned your report and how you would like to set it out, today you are going to publish it!

Task 1: To write and publish you goblin report!

Are you going to make a book?

Write it on Purple Mash?

Create a poster with pop ups?

Write the report and draw diagrams?

The choice is yours! I can't wait to see it!

***Check out yesterdays planning to remind you! ***

English - Thursday 

Today is your day to get arty and tell people how you did it!

Task 1: Choose the type of goblin monster you would like to make. 

Task 2: Make your goblin monster

Task 3: Write a 'How To Make a ...... Goblin Monster' set of instructions to go with it!

English - Friday 17th and Monday 20th

I have joined these two lessons as you can choose the order!

Over the next 2 lessons you are going to be re-ordering some instructions, designing a Goblin Trap, making a Goblin Trap and then writing instructions how you use it!

You must do the re-ordering first.

Then you can choose whether you want to:

Plan and make the trap and then write instructions OR

Write instructions then plan and then make OR

Plan, write instructions and then make! 


Someone has muddled up these instructions. Put the instructions back in the right order and add in some time adverbials so that anyone reading the recipe knows which order they should be completed in. To help you, the introduction and conclusion are in the right place.

Task 1: Re-order the Goblin Grass Cake recipe!

You may get some language ideas or something for your trap too!

Answers will be below. 

 Goblin Grass Cake Recipe Answers.pdfDownload
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Planning and designing...

Here is a planning sheet which you may use to publish your trap and its instructions too, but you may use something else and/or make your own!

I have also attached some pictures. There pictures aren't goblin traps, they are leprechaun traps, but you might be able to gather some ideas from these too! (if you search this there are hundreds, I just chose my favourites!)

Making and writing...

Now you need to put your ideas to the test! You may not be successful the first time but hopefully you are!

Remember, you need to make a trap AND write instructions on how to use it!

English - Tuesday 21st

ITS YOUR LAST DAY! So let's have some fun!

Beware! Goblin Slime
Did you know that Dr Jo, from the School of Science, is an expert in goblin slime? She has written down some instructions in case you would like to make your own goblin slime. You must only ever make slime with a responsible adult supervising you.

Josh and Jacob have made a brilliant animation!

Archie shows us how to make a boat! .

Shay has made a superb play!

Alicja has also made a fantastic play!

Our wonderful Stone Age work!...

Take a look at the work Lime and Oak children have completed on our topic of the Stone Age!