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 Monday 20.7.20 to Tuesday 21.7.20

There are suggested activities for the 1pm slot that go into well-being and transition from class to class, and school to school. Please consider using them at home. Also, have a look at the music pages - music is a fantastic way to stimulate all areas of our brains - this helps learning in all areas.


For our final Monday, we are returning to something we did way back in September - word classes. Tuesday use all of the learning you have done in a writing project that may continue into the Summer break - The Time Machine!

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Monday is some revision of Ratio and real life setting a budget maths (courtesy of NATWEST bank). Tuesday is working out compound area and then some Maths Mansion videos to improve our shape knowledge. 

NATWEST - Creating A Budget Online Activity

Maths Mansion - Rectangle Delight

Maths Mansion - Triangle Delight

Maths Mansion - Get back into shape and be a Square

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The files listed below are from previous weeks and lessons

 T6W3 Diaries LESSON Mon 15 to Wed 17th June.pdfDownload
 T6W3 Diaries LESSON Thur18th and Fri19th.pdfDownload
 T6W3 ratio revise SHEET Weds 17th.rtfDownload
 T6W3 subtract and frac SHEET Fri 19th.docxDownload
 T6W3 word class SHEET Mon 15th.rtfDownload
 T6W3 word class SHEET Thurs 18th.rtfDownload
 T6W3 word class SHEET Tues 16.rtfDownload
 T6W4 bodmas LESSON thurs25.pdfDownload
 T6W4 bodmas SHEET thurs25.rtfDownload
 T6W4 commas starter SHEET mon22.rtfDownload
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