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Afternoon Ideas All Years If Self Isolating

This is the page to come to for things to do in the afternoon with your children


Geography - Locational Knowledge

 Lesson Presentation Rivers and Seas.pdfDownload
 UK Seas and Rivers Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
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Well done to all those who completed the June competition!

You may have seen on Dojo there in a new virtual competition from PPP.

Here is the 'How to' guide to support you from doing the 4 exercises to uploading your data!


Primary PE Planning

Click on this link and you'll find some really awesome videos, challenges and lessons, you can even try Muay Thai!


Project Work!

Have you been reading a really good book or have you read one recently that you just loved? Why don't you do a project on it! Some ideas for you:

  • Re-write the story on Purple Mash
  • Act it out! You could become an actor or create some puppets and re-create the story (sock, paper, toys, lego etc!)
  • Junk model your favourite character
  • Draw a portrait of your favourite character
  • Make a collage the front cover
  • Give it a proper review - you could write it or imagine you were on a radio interview!


Stay safe online with these excellent CEOP lessons for use at home 

 thinkuknow-8-10s-home-activity-sheet-4 NEW.pdfDownload
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Make your own Volcano

Science - Sound

 Good Vibrations Sound Game.pdfDownload
 Sound Survey.pdfDownload
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Science - Experiments


 Super Size Marshmallow Science Experiment.pdfDownload
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 Fireworks in a Glass.pdfDownload
 Red Cabbage Indicator Experiment.pdfDownload
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Here is a whole booklet on cooking/science you can do in your kitchen:

 Gurnard - Kitchen Science Skills.docxDownload
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How to draw step by step

 ART W8 Complementary colours.pdfDownload
 Session 1 Art- Illuminated Letters.docxDownload
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 DJS (Year 3) - Keep Calm and Make Music - Weekly Wonder - You got rhythm.pptxDownload
 DJS - Keep Calm and Make Music - Weekly Wonder - Grab the rhythm Y4 - Y6.pptxDownload
 Week 5 - Keep Calm and Make Music - Weekly Wonder - Aquarium - KS2.pptxDownload
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Previous Lesson Ideas

 ART W8 Complementary colours.pdfDownload
 t2-t-16766-how-to-make-a-tessellation-template-instruction-powerpoint_ver_1 (1).pdfDownload
 T6W1 roy-lichtenstein-inspired-colouring-pages- pop art.pdfDownload
 T6W2 Art - Creating Pop Art.pdfDownload
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