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Support and Information for families and parents

of Pupils with Additional Needs and/or Mental Health difficulties

Keep checking this page for new information from the school and Wiltshire's services.

Please scroll down the page to find any information that may be useful to you and your family.  The most current posts are to be found at the top of this page.   

WELCOME BACK to Term 6                                                                                       June 2022

It is hard to believe that we only have one more term of this academic year left, time is flying by as the children are progressing and enjoying more and more opportunities in school. 

I will continue to post new and relevant materials linked with Additional Needs, Mental Health and SEND Wiltshire support materials   I encourage you to scroll down to the bottom of the page again as there are a number of materials from last year which continue to be useful. 

As usual if you have any queries or questions about SEND at Durrington CE Junior School which can't be answered from reading our website, Facebook page or by reading our SEND Information Report, please don't hesitate to contact me at school Monday to Wednesday. 

Mrs Jessica de Vries

SENDCo and Senior Mental Health Lead


Please encourage children to visit this page and watch the video if you feel your child needs support with their feelings and thoughts at present. 

Thoughts and feelings getting you down? When to seek help - BBC Bitesize

Please use this story and the worksheets below to support your child with their return to school on the 8th March 2021.

 Worksheet 1.pdfDownload
 Worksheet 11.pdfDownload
 Worksheet 12.pdfDownload
 Worksheet 8.pdfDownload
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Here is a really good site for parents/carers with children who have additional needs.



Please open the letter below (dated 22nd January) to parents and carers of children who have EHCPs.  Please continue to communicate with the school about your child's progress at this time. 

 WC Letter to Parents + Carers Jan 21.pdfDownload
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Please do check out Wiltshire Parent Carer Council, WPCC for guidance and support for parents who have children with additional needs.  They are able to sign post for all types of support and they have their finger on the pulse with regard to lots of opportunities for young people with additional needs.  

Below is a specific page you may find useful at this time.  Do check out the rest of their website for other support. 



 My Back to School Bubble.pdfDownload
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 Conversation Cards Set 2.pdfDownload
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Many free resources can be found on the ELSA Support Website.  In schools an ELSA is an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant. ELSAs support children with their social skills, emotions, bereavement, anger management and self-esteem by using social stories, therapeutic stories and counselling skills. 

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This list of SEND resources has been developed with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity and is based on the recommendations of trusted organisations, charities, multi-academy trusts and special education headteachers.


Sibs is the only UK charity for children and adults who are growing up with or have grown up with a disabled brother or sister. We provide information, support and training on sibling issues for adult siblings, young siblings, parents and professionals.


Everybody Worries - An E picture book for children who are worried about the Coronavirus

 Helping Concentration Top Tips.pdfDownload
 Spelling-Support-Strategies from DYT.pdfDownload
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Home Support 

 ADHD Leaflet - Information for Parents.pdfDownload
 Classroom Learning Prompt Cards.docxDownload
 Classroom-Ideas ADHD.pdfDownload
 Coronavirus-home-challenge - 14 Day.pdfDownload
 Good manners at the table.docDownload
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Learning Support

 100 Square.pdfDownload
 100 word mat.pdfDownload
 72 Multi Sensory Spelling Strategies.docDownload
 alphabet formation.pdfDownload
 multiplicatio square.pdfDownload
 number bonds.pdfDownload
 number formation.pdfDownload
 numicon number line.pdfDownload
 phoneme mat (1).pdfDownload
 Sentences structures.pptxDownload
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 Analogue Times.docDownload
 Digital Times.docDownload
 Gross Motor Action Cards.pdfDownload
 Mood Monsters Image fans.pdfDownload
 Pencil Control Handwriting Booklet.pdfDownload
 Playdough-Exercises Fine Motor.pdfDownload
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Emotional Support

 Blank Flow Chart.docxDownload
 Calm Kids -Sheet.docDownload
 Emotion fans.pdfDownload
 Example social story Going To The Park.docxDownload
 Planning For Events.docxDownload
 Reflection on an Event Sheet.docxDownload
 School Closure Planner.pptDownload
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 Mood Monsters Image fans.pdfDownload
 Visual Timetable Images.pdfDownload
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