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Durrington C of E VC Junior School

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School Council

School council consists of 2 children from each class in the school. The school council members are voted in every year by their class mates. They have to be people who are committed and are willing to support the school in every cause.

Mrs Thain takes the school council to a meeting every week, for half an hour, during a lunch break. Every week there are a variety of issues and events which we discuss and share our views on. We then report back to our class mates during a weekly circle time session. We are the children’s voice as the children can come to us with issues which can then be raised in the next meeting.

We are very proud of our school council as we have taken part in a variety of different events. Some examples of our work include:

  • We raise money for a number of different charities.
  • We organise and take part in worship from time to time in school.
  • We deliver the Harvest festival donations to a local 'Friday Lunch Club.'
  • We help to keep the school in order by reporting on any damage to equipment or facilities.
  • We help to organise different school events throughout the year.

We are also committed to making sure that all the children in our school are safe and happy. We promoted 'Beat the Bully' week, which was a nation wide campaign to stop bullying. We have continued this initiative by supporting the friendship stops and play ground pal schemes we have in school.

We all hope you enjoy our website.


November 2014:

We have recently promoted Anti-Bullying week at our school. Anti-Bullying week is an event which is promoted nationally. We helped raise awareness by talking about why Anti-bullying is important in worship and by making posters and putting them up around school.

Here are some of our posters...


March 2015....

We are currently working with the Green Team to create a spiritual garden within school. The spiritual garden will be a wonderfully calming area of the school where children can come and reflect on their thoughts and ideas. We have located an area on our back playground and are busy bringing together our design ideas.

We will keep you posted on how we are getting on.

September/October 2015...

Plans of project Spiritual garden is well and truly under way. We have written to a number of different local businesses and organisations asking if they would kindly support us in our fundraising effort.

We are very pleased to report that we have heard back from Mr Todd of Durrington Vehicle Gathering and we have been invited to speak at their fundraising evening.


14th November 2015

Our School Councillors have attended the Durrington Vehicle Gathering presentation of funds evening. The children spoke very clearly and informatively to a large audience and explained about their plans for a Spiritual Garden . They represented our school brilliantly and they should be very proud of themselves. We were presented with a large donation which will enable us to start our project next year. Thank you so very much to Mr Todd and all involved with the fundraising of the DVG.


December 2015/January 2016

Our councillors were invited to meet with Durrington Infant School Councillors to plan, create and update our Anti-Bullying policy. We loved sharing our ideas with the children and are busy creating our own Anti-Bullying policy as we speak.


February 2016

Last year, we launched a whole school project which raised peoples awareness of the nations Anti-Bullying campaign.

Everyone in school contributed to our Durrington Junior School Rainbow of hands.

Everyone drew around their hand and on which, wrote or drew something to promote teamwork and friendship. Each class had a colour of the rainbow and the display is in our library. It looks fantastic and it really shows how important we believe that teamwork is in our school.


November/December 2016

We've had a busy 2 terms in council this year. We have achieved the following:

  • We raised money for the charity NSPCC. We organised a 'dress in green' day. Children were asked to bring in a small donation for the privilege of dressing in green. We also raised money by holding a 'Guess the bears name' competition. Both of these events raised a whopping £103.20.
  • We also held an assembly in order to raise awareness of Anti-bullying week. We showed the School values through drama and freeze frames. These were 'Respect, Kindness and Trust.'
  • We have been continuing to  organise our Spiritual Garden. We raised a further £200 for the completion of this in the spring. Some children in our school have contributed to the creation of the focal point of our garden. This will be a collection of mosaic tiles. It is coming along really well.
  • Some of our School Council members helped out at our schools Christmas Fayre.

June 2017

After working hard for many months on our Spiritual Garden, the School Council had a successful opening ceremony. Mrs Smith donated a bench and we had a plaque made dedicating the bench in her grandchildren's family name. We had our mosaics mounted in a frame and the combination of colour and design look really eye-catching.

Mrs Carle and Mrs Smith cut the ribbon and the School Council members said a few words to celebrate the occasion. We read a poem titled 'Follow your Dreams.'

October 2019

We've organised our first charity event, this year. #HelloYellow commenced on the 10th October to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day. The children donated money to wear yellow on this day and take part in a positive themed Art Competition. They also learnt about mental health within their classes.