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DJS Book Recommendations

On this area of our school website you can look at different kinds of books recommended by Jimmy in Hawthorn Class, and you may find one you really like! The three sections are based on the library colour codes, Blue, Green and Red, so if you know which one you are, look at that section. You may find some of these books in the library, though some may not be there. Enjoy!

The Green books: Top 10 

1. Jeff Kinney's Diary of a wimpy kid: These books are very entertaining, perfect for light-reading!

2. David Walliams' Demon Dentist: This book is a very entertaining story ideal for someone who's looking for a funny book!

3. Dav Pilkey's Captain Underpants: This story/comic is extremely amusing, and contains a very funny feature. A definite suggestion to Yrs 4 and 5!

4. Louis Sachar's Holes: An adventurous and action story line, definitely a must  for Yr 5!

5. Andy Stanton's Mr Gum: Truly EPIC and HILARIOUS books, making you laugh out loud. A slightly wibbly-wobbly tale, but that's the pleasure of it!

6. Terry Deary's Horrible Histories: A factual book with facts that will make your spine tremble and your mouth  will explode with laughter! Excellent for research and entertainment!

7. Adam Blade's Beast Quest: Adventurous tales that will be simply loved by Yr 4! 

8. Matt Groening's The Simpsons Comic Spectacular: A graphic novel with gob-smackingly funny comics inside. Humorous and entertaining illustrations, it's perfect for Yr 5! 

9. David Walliams' Gangsta Granny: A brilliant book by Davis yet again, the comedy is definitely alive in this book, along with very funny characters. Recommended to anyone in search for a good book.

 10. David Grimstone's Gladiator Boy: Action and adventure awaits in this exciting tale! Many of them to read, and Yr 4 would adore them!

The Red book: Top 10 

1. Derek Landy's Skulduggery Pleasant: these books contain magic and evil but also an epic skeleton, who saves the world a lot. Though take this into account: These books are full of action and sorcery, but aren't for the feint-hearted! 

2. James Dashner's The Maze Runner series: The Power Of Reading is within this book! Thomas is launched into a maze, with no memories of his life except his name. But when a horrific message is received, they must escape the maze... Yr 6 will love this book and wish it lasted forever!

3. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter: Truly spellbinding books that will make your eyes glisten in magic! Brilliantly planned plots, it is amazing! 

4. Morris Gleitzman's Then: An absolutely amazing book, with parts to make you laugh, and parts that'll make you cry, a story based on the horrors of WW2.

5. Jiggy McCue stories: Very funny books that'll give you a heart attack in laughter!